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My love for books is what made me thinking of starting our shop. Kids books open the world for kids. It is fun to see how they discover, how they comment, and how they discuss amongst them. Our shop wants to create a place where all this is made possible. Sharing our love for books to the kids is our mission. We do not only offer new books, but also second hand books, more budget friendly. Our experience in the English kids books makes us a reliable place with advice from our side.

Helping kids out in starting to read English books with our help, offering them the opportunity to get to learn the English language together with other kids. To give advice in which book to buy for your kid in his age.

Welcome to our Read Me Books Café, the nicest and best book shop specialized in kids books in English in the heart of the Sukhumvit area. Come and see us, and look how your kids have fun. Give your kids a nice time while learning. Direct import of books from the United Kingdom. Your best starting point when looking for kids books in English ! New books and second hand books on offer.