Café & Dining

Joy Grocery and Restaurant

My love for books is what made me thinking of starting our shop.

Little Mermaid

Premium fresh baked breads shop. As a leading brand from Japan, has over 300 branches worldwide, was featured on the pastry dough is very soft, because the raw material from Hokkaido fresh milk. The menu offers a diverse selection of fresh bread.

Cultivar l l

Cultivar l l is a share space for coffee roaster (all level).We create and sever delicious coffee.

Kurasu Bangkok

we are now globally recognised as the premiere shop selling Japanese coffee …


Lilliput is a place that combines children’s play equipment with high-class restaurants and is a differentiated kids café

Izakaya Teppen

Izakaya where you can eat delicious ingredients in the world at a low price

Baby Bib Cafe

Looking for a care-free coffee house?  Come to sip an aromatic cup at Baby Bib Café.