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Bell china dolls , Kru Bell who first well known as china dolls band 20 years ago. Kru Bell first start studied in Jazz dance since she was 9 years old , kru Bell love dancing and singing so her dreamed is about being dancers and she became a dancers for famous singer when she was 13 and then kru Bell never stop reaching her goal cause her other dream is about having her own song to entertain so she start to do the auditon then kru Bell dream came true again, by Being the Artist with her friend and had mandarin album and working around Asia for 15 years , after that kruBell never stop dreaming now she wish to have her own stuedio to create the new young generation who has a dream like her to support them have more skill and teach them by her exprerience . And when she open her own studio she graduated in Jazz dance teacher when kru Bell start open the studio name House of dance . and Also certified Pilates and Yoga instructor to educated and developed her work. and kru Toei also the other success teacher that kru Bell have thought and now kru Teoi also certified Dance teacher and they both have same goal about making student have more skill. fun and healthy with happiness . come and move with us Moves by Bell china dolls