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Phone : 02 056 4338

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Lilliput is a small country name in Gulliver’s Travels. Lilliput is a place that combines children’s play equipment with high-class restaurants and is a differentiated kids café with a different concept from the existing large franchise kids café. You can always relax and watch your children in a cozy and stylish atmosphere.

1) Differentiation of space – Lilliput is not only a child but also a mother’s satisfaction with a luxurious and sophisticated interior.

2) Food differentiation – All of LILIIPUT’s food is manufactured and supplied directly to the source without using any chemical seasoning.

3) Coffee differentiation -It is carefully roasted in accordance with the characteristics of the specialty coffee beans.

Space where both mother and child are happy andScientific design allows children to play in a small space.
The design of the play area allows the mother to watch the child’s play and enjoy the finest Italian cuisine. Lilluput is not only a place for children, but a space where both mothers and children are happy.