Kurasu Bangkok


From 9 AM – 5 PM (EVERYDAY)

Website :  www.kurasu.kyoto

Phone : 064 941 2639

Facebook : Kurasubkk

Instagram : Kurasubkk


Kurasu comes from the Japanese word “to live” or “lifestyle.” Starting as an online homeware store, we are now globally recognised as the premiere shop selling Japanese coffee brewing equipments and feature a subscription service partnering with specialty coffee roasters from around Japan. Our first Kyoto shop opened in 2016. In 2017 we opened in Singapore. In 2018 we opened our 2nd Kyoto roastery cafe in Fushimi Inari, and this is our first shop in Bangkok. Our aim is to showcase Japanese coffee culture to the world through introducing coffee products, roasters, and our own roasts. We serve and roast specialty coffee from Kyoto.

Kurasu Cafe for japan

We have a selection of coffee, drip and espresso, along with non coffee drinks such as matcha latte and chocolate. We have a small selection of food items including our signature Anko (red bean) butter toast, and Tamano (egg) toast. We sell coffee beans and as well as a wide selection of Japanese coffee products.

Drip coffee, selection of single origin coffee shipped from Kyoto, Japan. Matcha Latte + Espresso. Anko butter toast, bread made fresh by artisan bakery Salee bakehouse.